Acupuncture in the ER!

Did you know there’s a hospital that has brought acupuncture to their Emergency Room?!

Here are some reasons why this is so great:

  1. Though acupuncture can treat many conditions, probably the most common condition is pain (note to self: find citation). It’s also one of the largest reasons that people seek help.
  2. Acupuncture can be exceptionally calming so if you have pain, or you’re otherwise stressed, burnt out, tired, low energy, detoxing, or a host of other sensations of unwellness (my word), than acupuncture can be very relaxing. A relaxed mind and body is probably more conducive to healing.
  3. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has recently made some new recommendations against using opioid painkillers for chronic pain. Though I may be mistaken here, I believe this was due to a steep rise in deaths due to overdose in the last 10 years (in the US). Thing is, people still have pain and we need multiple options to treat it.
  4. Acupuncture is a relatively safe practice when performed by a licensed acupuncturist. In California, we have over 3,000 combined hours of academic and clinical training before we get our license to practice Chinese medicine. Though there are some risks, we are trained on how to safely practice through established protocols. Because of acupuncture’s relative safety, sometimes amazing efficacy, and relatively low cost (compared to other medical procedures), it’s obviously worth a good try.

pain scale.png

From the article [ ]

“After tracking 182 patients, it reported this month that pain scores in those who received acupuncture alone dropped by the same amount as those who also received analgesic painkillers.”

“‘No matter what I’m treating them for, many patients report feeling calmer, more relaxed, less anxious,’ said Adam Reinstein, the acupuncturist in Abbott’s ER.”