A Thank You Note to My Teachers

Thank you for everything. I’m so grateful for your lessons and your help, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, and for nurturing me in my own growth as a person overall & as a practitioner of this medicine. I think our field may be exemplary in its ability to share and I’m honored, lucky, and grateful to be a (small) part of it.

Today, in this note, my thank you is intended for my (literal) teachers,specifically, the professors at Five Branches who taught my Masters program (4 full-time years together), who let me fumble and ask lots of questions and stumble and try again, many of these teachers came from very far away (China), learned a very different language which meant that I could study and learn more easily in my own native tongue, who stretched my mind by helping me learn some Chinese concepts (which can be very different than Western concepts), who shared so givingly, who studied and still study so much themselves, and who inspire me to be my best.

Other teachers I’m grateful for from school were born here, some Asian-American, others not, all who dedicated years (decades) to their own studies and practices and then shared to teach us and whose common language helped me ask questions with different nuance.

Thank you to the translators who helped my generation by offering a different set of books than they had when they studied. More translations have arrived and more are coming, wow.

With the strengths of our profession, I studied foundations and continue to study so that that I can practice well to help others, which in turn helps myself. Thank you. My life would not be the same without you. Please forgive me if I’ve temporarily forgotten other contributors.

I’ve had all sorts of other types of teachers over time. I recognize moments where I learn from many places that I walk, other professors from a previous degree, as well as earlier teachers when I was still a child and teen.

I learn a lot from my patients, who I should write a separate post to, just about the depth of gratitude I have for them in sharing and trusting me to work with them. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Also, family and friends provide a rich source of lessons and learning  as we are connected through familiarity, fondness, & love. And for the children close in my life and everywhere, who bring their own unique, unencumbered perspectives, often startlingly honest and so beautifully fresh. Many thanks.

I find lessons and learning through my interactions with strangers. We are sometimes able to delve differently into the heart of a matter, share openly in other ways, and learn from one another. Sometimes strangers come from quite different perspectives and whose insights can be so new and fascinating to me, having had different life experiences.

I learn from animals (and other non-human creatures) and watching them, sometimes caring and loving them. Sharing and learning with an animal includes a lot of non-English language and our cultivation of communication, trust, and rapport seeds lessons in many other areas. My life would simply not be the same without the animals. So much gratitude.

And of course, thank you to the teachings of the land and sea, the cosmos, and the many lessons available through observation of nature and change, which is fundamental to the practice of Chinese medicine, and of which I try my best, with variable success, to heed the lessons of.

I have so many teachers. Thank you all.

I will return to this page and possibly add/edit over time, but for this morning, that’s what I have to share.

Blossoms in the Spring (I took this photo):

blossoms in the spring red.jpg

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