I will always treasure this heart, made and given to me by my friend’s aunt, a retired pediatrician, and someone I got to know while helping out recently.

My friend’s success story:

Not long ago, a dear friend called as she was leaving her doctor’s appointment with medical news that no one wants to get. The next morning we drove over to the hospital and spent the day in appointments.

It was a challenging day, but her doctors and nurses were amazing. Their approach was so spot-on and it really helped her (and me) in staying calm, a gift in and of itself.

My friend went through the whole thing with unflagging positivity coupled with down-to-earth honest vulnerability. She was so inspiring! She was fierce in her dedication to address all that she could and work hard to be her best, even in the wake of so many uncertainties. She was so lucky too as she attained the best possible outcome. Such a relief!

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