A Quick Survey: the Results!

I had made a quick survey and am posting the results here. Thank you to all who participated!


Thank you for taking a short survey (8 questions) about Chinese medicine. Understanding more about what people want to hear about helps acupuncturists focus our attention on providing you information that is most relevant to your interests. Help us serve you better! 

Least Interested
Most Interested



pie-chart (1).png
pie-chart (2).png
pie-chart (3).png
pie-chart (5).png
* Question text is cut off in this auto-generated chart, so I’m including the full copy here:
What is your interest level in learning more about the growth of Chinese medicine in the US and the integration of Chinese and Western medicine as seen by its inclusion of hospitals, medical groups, insurance acceptance, etc? 
pie-chart (6).png
Optional Question: Please let us know if there is a specific condition for which you’d want to hear how acupuncture treats, its approach and effectiveness.
Was this survey too long and is there anything else you’d like to share?

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