Hello. My name is Sheilah. I am starting my first blog here. My intention with this site is to share tidbits about Chinese medicine, and acupuncture specifically, that pique my curiosity in the hopes that maybe others will find something helpful or interesting.

Another intention is to help potential patients of acupuncture get to know me a bit so they may have a sense of whether I may be a good choice for working with them on their health concerns.

I will probably include other types of musings just because life overlaps and there’s probably some way I believe them to be related.

Chinese medicine looks at the “big picture”, looks to patterns of harmony and disharmony in nature, to help understand how the body works and how better health may be restored. You’ll probably see various posts about change in nature since this is one way I learn about changes in the human body.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you’re interested in discussing how this medicine may help you. (415) 730-4144